Wednesday, June 14, 2006

When in Doubt, Plagiarise Your Sister

After recently changing jobs I took stock of my archived emails, and came upon one in particular that I felt needed to be shared with the world. It was sent to me by my slightly funnier sister, (the one with the slightly funnier blog) after the passing away of our beloved family cat Monkey.

It reads:

Eeeerrrggghhhhh. Yesterday was surreal indeed. Unfortunately I didn't have a copy of the childrens picture book "Mommy and Daddy Dont Love Each Other Any More But Still Live in the Same House Where Your Cat Just Got Buried in the Backyard", so it was hard to have a plan of attack.

I thought the best thing to do was get takeaway which dad paid for but to eat downstairs with mum before eating an icecream upstairs with dad and watching an episode of Moonlighting with him. Also, because I was in mourning, I thought it was okay for me to have a banana fritter for dinner.

Speaking of mourning, all I could think of when I was looking at his grave was the Sims. I kept wanting to right click on the grave and select 'mourn' because it felt like the right thing to do.

I spoke to mum before, who was apparently crying most of the night, and crying on the phone. She said she heard the cat door open during the night, and Tabitha was asleep on her bed, so it must have been 'Monkey coming home'.

Its a case of our family thing where you deal with real life situations with the paranormal, I how Tabitha is possesed with Grannies ghost. If there is a heaven and Monkey had one wish, then obviously, Monkey would choose to be asleep on our couch anyway and pissing in the fake snow under the christmas tree, so im no doubt he is still present in the house.

Im going round there this afternoon to right click on Monkeys grave